NEWS FROM THE LAB - Thursday, May 11, 2006

May 9th Poll Results Posted by Sean @ 11:20 GMT


First off, thank you to those that took part in the poll regarding James Ancheta's 57 month jail sentence.

With 725 participants the results break down like this:
294 - 40.6% thought that the sentence was Fair Enough or Just Right
213 - 29.4% thought that it was Too Little
161 - 22.2% thought that is was Too Much
57 - 7.9% answered No Idea

We also received some e-mails on the matter. Reader Tony H. put it this way:
Ancheta is believed to have had some 500,000 computers under his control. That works out to: Serving 1 year for every 100,000 or so machines he hit; Serving 1 month for every 9000 or so machines; Serving 1 week for every 2000 systems; Serving 1 day for every 300 or so systems; Serving 1 hour for every dozen systems; or Serving 5 minutes for each machine infected. Considering that it takes anywhere from 30 minutes to many hours of a skilled person's time to clean an infected system reliably, that means he's only going to lose 15% of the time he took from others - and he gets to sleep at least part of that time. :)

Mikko enjoyed Tony's math! Please continue with the feedback, the address is listed on the top of the web page. Thanks.