NEWS FROM THE LAB - Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Poll: James Got 57 Months Posted by Sean @ 13:21 GMT

Two weeks ago we asked if you remembered James? Well, as it turns out, James Ancheta has received a 57 month jail sentence for his botnet activities. We'd like to ask your opinion on the sentence.

Here's some other jail terms to consider:
November 2004 - Spammer, Jeremy Jaynes, sentenced nine years.
January 2005 - Blaster.B author, Jeffrey Lee Parson, sentenced 18 months.
July 2005 - Sasser author, Sven Jaschan, sentenced 21 months (Suspended - Age 17 at time of arrest).

May 9th Poll Results

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Edited to Add The poll is now closed. Thank you to those that participated.