Friday, October 21, 2005
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As promised, here are the presentations we made during the Virus Bulletin conference in Dublin earlier this month.


Here's Kimmo Kasslin (with his stage assistant Jarkko Turkulainen), giving a presentation on rootkit techniques to an audience of around 300 people.

Kimmo & Jarkko

And here's Jarno Niemelä (with his demo assistant Mikko Hyppönen), showing mobile trojans live on stage.

Jarno & Mikko

Download links:

Hide'n Seek revisited - Full stealth is back
Paper by Kimmo Kasslin, Mika Ståhlberg, Samuli Larvala and Antti Tikkanen
Kimmo's paper

Kimmo's slides and Jarno's slides

Kimmo's slides Jarno's slides

(Jarno's paper won't be made publicly available at this time)

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