Wednesday, March 9, 2005
Man fined for publishing a vulnerability Posted by Mikko @ 07:10 GMT

Mr. Guillaume Tena was fined in French court yesterday a suspended fine of 5.000 Euros for publishing a vulnerability and a proof-of-concept exploit for antivirus software made by Tegam International. Apparently the judgment had something to do with the fact Mr. Tena was working with an illegal copy of the software.

We mentioned this case in our weblog some time ago and now the criminal case has been closed. A suspended fine means Mr. Tena has to pay 5000€ if he continues to publish more information on the topic.

Tegam international is proceeding with a civil case worth 900.000€ against Mr. Tena.

More info from K-OTik and Le Monde Informatique (in French, of course).

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