NEWS FROM THE LAB - Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Some new viruses found Posted by Mikko @ 17:24 GMT

We found some new stuff today, including:

Yet another new Mydoom variant, Mydoom.AG (incidentally, Netsky is also at .AG slot right now in our count).

A variant of Agobot (Backdoor.Agobot.VS). We got some reports of this. It drops itself as winl0g0n.exe to the Windows system folder.

A new Zafi variant, Zafi.C. This might be bigger news, as the previous variant of this Hungarian virus, Zafi.B, has been in our Top 20 for the past four months. However, so far we've received few reports of this virus.

Zafi.C launches a DDoS attack against microsoft.com, google.com and miniszterelnok.hu - the last one is the home page of the prime minister of Hungary, Mr. Ferenc Gyurcsány.

Jarkko, Katrin, Gergo & Alexey