NEWS FROM THE LAB - Saturday, October 9, 2004

Schneier's blog rocks! Posted by Mikko @ 20:00 GMT

Bruce Schneier, author of some of the most important books in security field (Applied Cryptography, Beyond Fear etc) has started his own weblog.

Now, Schneier is not a virus expert. But he has a holistic view on what security is and how it works. And this applies not just to computer security but security in general. In fact, I dont always agree on all of his views (for example, on national ID cards), but he does have a gift of turning his ideas into highly readable and enjoyable text.

In fact, Bruce's monthly Crypto-Gram newsletter is one of the few things I still print out to paper to take with me and read later with thought.

Bruce's blog is available here in web and here in RSS... go read. Now.

PS. Thanks to Forgey for spotting this!