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How to uninstall Windows Scripting Host - Windows 98

VBS/LoveLetter and related viruses use Windows Scripting Host (WSH) to spread. By uninstalling WSH, your machine will become immune to attacks like this. However, you will not be able to use any VBS script files after doing this. Most users do not use VBS scripts for anything.

Follow the instructions given below each image to uninstall WSH from Windows 98.

1. Click on 'Start' button in the lower left corner of your desktop.

2. Move the cursor to 'Settings' menu, wait a bit and when another menu appears, move the cursor to 'Control Panel' and click left mouse button.

3. In the appeared Control Panel window double click on 'Add/Remove Programs' icon.

4. In the 'Add/Remove Programs' dialog window click on 'Windows Setup' tab.

5. Then put the cursor on 'Accessories' and double click left mouse button.

6. A new dialog window will be opened. Use the slider or button controls to scroll down the list of accessories.

7. In the end of accessories list you will see 'Windows Scripting Host' option. Click on the checkbox near this option to disable it (the 'bird' or 'check' sign disappears).

8. Click 'Ok' button.

9. The Accessories dialog will be closed. In the 'Add/Remove Programs' dialog window click 'Apply' button.

10. Windows Scripting Host will be uninstalled from your system.