W97M/Wrench is a Word 97 macro virus.


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Based on the settings of your F-Secure security product, it will either move the file to the quarantine where it cannot spread or cause harm, or remove it.

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Technical Details


W97M/Wrench.A infects the global template when an infected document is opened or closed. During infection, the virus creates two temporary files, "c:\Bench" and "c:\BenchFrm". After infection, the virus deletes all "Bench*" files from the root of the C: drive - including the temporary files created by the virus.

The virus hooks "Help/About" menu. When an user selects this menu, a picture is displayed:

Then it displays a message box with a text:

I'm Psycho Sushi!!!

W97M/Wrench.A also hooks "Tools/Macros/Visual Basic Editor" menu, displaying a message box with the following text:

This program has performed an illegal operation and will shut down.

After that the virus causes Word to quit.


This variant is slightly modified from W97M/Wrench.A. This variant does not hook "Tools/Macros/Visual Basic Editor" nor it does not display additional message box after the picture when "Help/About" is selected.


W97M/Wrench.C is a slightly modified variant of W97M/Wrench.A. The only difference between these two is that this variant does not display a message box after the picture when "Help/About" is selected.

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