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Category: Malware

Type: Worm

Aliases: VBS.Mawanella.A@mm, Email-Worm.VBS.Mawanella


Worm:VBS/VBSWG.Z@mm is an encrypted email worm that displays a text message when executed.Information about the original VBS/Onthefly.A (also known as I-Worm.Lee.o and VBS/VBSWG) is available in the Worm:VBS/Onthefly description.


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Technical Details


VBSWG.Z worm propagates in email messages with the following characteristics:

  • Subject: Mawanella
  • Body: Mawanella is one of the Sri Lanka's Muslim Village
  • Attachment: Mawanella.vbs

When the attached file is executed, the worm mass mails itself to each recipient in every address book and shows the following messagebox:

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