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Webber trojan consists of 2 parts - a downloader and a proxy trojan. The downloader was spread in email messages on 10th of November 2003. When activated, the downloader fetches and activates a proxy trojan on an affected computer. The proxy trojan allows hackers to connect to Internet through an infected computer.


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Based on the settings of your F-Secure security product, it will either move the file to the quarantine where it cannot spread or cause harm, or remove it.

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Technical Details

Webber trojan downloader was spread on 10th of November in the following email messages:


"Account Manager" [accounts_manager@citibank.com]


Re: Your credit application


Dear Sir!
Thank you for your online application for a Home Equity Loan.
In order to be approved for any loan application we pull your
Credit Profile and Chexsystems information, which didn't satisfy
our minimum needs. Consequently, we regret to say that we cannot
approve you for Home Equity Loan at this time.
*Attached are copy of your Credit Profile and Your Application that
you submitted with us. Please take a close look at it, you will receive
hard copy by mail withing next few days.



The attached downloader file name is 'www.citybankhomeloan.htm.pif' - it is an executable file that pretends to look like an URL. The downloader fetches NEHER.GIF file from the 'saher.by.ru' website, saves it to a hard drive as an executable file and activates it.

After activation, the main trojan's file copies itself with a random name to Windows System folder and drops a DLL file that also has a random name. The trojan acts as a proxy - it allows remote hackers to connect to Internet through an infected computer. The connection between a hacker's computer and an infected computer is encrypted.

The trojan connects to www.valenok.red-host.com site to fetch specific data and to report an infected computer's IP address.

The trojan contains the following text strings:

Neher(HEXEP) coded by HangUP Team (commercial version).
Greetz to: Hunk,Ares,Z0mbie,FreeHunt,SBVC,TSRH,Vecna';)
A zdes mogla bi bit vasha reklama ;)

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