Voltan, W32/Voltan.A@mm, I-Worm.Voltan, Marque, Voltan.A


Voltan is a mass mailing worm that was found late evening on October 24th, 2003.

The worm arrives in emails which contain a link to a web page from where a file could be downloaded. The emails contain text in Italian.


Automatic action

Based on the settings of your F-Secure security product, it will either move the file to the quarantine where it cannot spread or cause harm, or remove it.

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Technical Details

The mass-mailing routine of Voltan does not send the worm in the email. It sends a link to a website which first displays a message:

Il momento - catartico... per parafrasare un noto comico di ZELIG !!!
 [The moment is cathartic... to paraphrase a famous comedian from ZELIG !!!]

then offers a file named 'zelig.scr' for download. 'zelig.scr' is to body of the worm.

When the file is opened it opens a webpage in the default browser with the following content:

Congratulazioni !
Il "CATARTICO" screen saver - stato installato con successo .
 [Congratulations !
 The CATHARTIC screen saver has been successfully installed]

It creates a value in the registry as

'HKLM\Control Panel\Screen Saver.Marquee\text'

with the text:

A volte ti sento cos? vicina...A volte ti sento cos? lontana
...Certo che hai proprio un cellulare di m**da!
 [Sometimes I can feel you so close...Sometimes I feel you so
 distant ...You sure have a sh*tty cell phone!]

To send emails Voltan first locates the Windows Address Book and reads the list of contacts from there. Using its own SMTP engine it sends the following emails to the contacts:

From: user@of.infected.computer
To: friend@of.the.user.of.the.infected.computer
Subject: Il momento e' catartico [The moment is cathartic]
 Body: Ricevo e cortesemente inoltro,.... un premio per la genialita
hanno reso mitico un salva schermo scaricalo, "poesie catartiche",
che non sai cosa ti perdi
 [I received this and I'm forwarding it,... an award to genius
 they made this great a screen-saver download it, "cathartic poems",
 you don't know what you're missing]

If the worm can not find the email address of the user of the infected computer it uses a hardcoded address instead.

Voltan uses system DLLs which are not available on some systems. The worm does not work on Windows 95/98/ME and Windows NT4.

Translations:Fabrizio Cassoni

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