Threat description


Category: Malware
Type: Virus
Platform: W32


This is actually not a virus but rather a virus-construction toolkit, which can be used to create simple, easily detectable viruses in large numbers. Most of the viruses don't work properly, and the whole program is a rather shoddy piece of work.


Automatic action

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Technical Details

Variant:Chuang, Donatello, Enun, Earthday, Kinison, Venom,Yankee-tune

Non-resident, COM-files


These viruses append their code to .COM files.

Variant:Pearl Harbour, Heevahava

Non-resident, Companion


Companion-type viruses, no better written than the other VCL-generated viruses.


South Africa

This variant was found from South Africa in August 1994.VCL.Genocide is an encrypting direct action infector of COM files.When run, it will locate a COM file from somewhere in the hard disk, and infect it. The files will grow by 839 bytes.The virus will activate on the 1st of August. At that time, it will try to overwrite the boot sector of all available drives. Due to a programming error, this will only succeed with floppy drives, if they have diskettes inserted. Hard disk will not be affected.After the activation routine, the virus will beep and display the following texts on screen before hanging the machine:

* This was a very bad day to switch on the Computer! *           --- Files Infected by the : Genocide2 Virus ! ---          == Copyright (C) Invader Pro. South Africa 1994. ==         All data lost ... Have a nice Day! 	    


This is an overwriting virus written with VCL. It displays the following text:

I am your VIRAL MESSIAH  Follow me and be redeemed  Your data doth exist no more  The FAT holds ashes of your dreams   


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