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Sober.G appeared in the beginning of May 2004. This worm variant is similar to previous variants.


Automatic action

Depending on the settings of your F-Secure security product, it will either automatically delete, quarantine or rename the suspect file, or ask you for a desired action.

More scanning & removal options

More information on the scanning and removal options available in your F-Secure product can be found in the Help Center.

You may also refer to the Knowledge Base on the F-Secure Community site for more information.

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F-Secure customers can request support online via the Request support or the Chat forms on our Home - Global site.

Technical Details

Update on May 27th, 2004

Certain versions of F-Secure Anti-Virus can not detect Sober.G worm in ZIP archives. F-Secure is providing hotfixes for its anti-virus products to solve that problem:

FSAV 5.42/5.41 Hotfix 3:

FSAV Client Security Hotfix 10 (Anti-Virus Hotfix 5):

FSAV for Samba Servers 4.60 Hotfix 2:

FSAV Linux 4.52 Hotfix 5:

Update on May 16th, 2004

F-Secure is increasing the level of Sober.G to Radar 2 as we are seeing increased numbers of it during the weekend. It sends emails in both German and English with varying content and attachments.

Update on May 15th, 2004

We got a few reports about Sober.G spreading in the wild on May 15th, 2004. After comparing samples from the worm's messages and the sample that we had originally received and described, we found out that our conclusions about Sober.G being intended were incorrect. It happened because the sample that we originally got was taken from an infected computer's Windows System folder and not from an e-mail message. Sober worm has a "feature" of modifying its executable file that it drops to a hard drive. It changes a byte at offset 0xA0 to 0x60 when its file is installed to a system. However, the file that the worm sends out in e-mail messages has this byte value zeroed. So the sample we originally received did not install itself properly and it did not create MIME-encoded files for spreading because the worm "thought" it was already installed. Failure of the worm to install itself properly and create files necessary for its spreading drove us to the conclusion that the worm was intended. We are sorry for confusion.

The worm is written in Visual Basic. The worm's file is a PE executable of length 49661 bytes, packed with a modified version of UPX file compressor. The worm has its own SMTP engine.

Installation to system

When the worm's file is started it shows the following messagebox:

If a user clicks 'Yes' button, the worm creares the converted_<filename>.txt file where <filename> is the name of the worm's file. The worm writes random garbage to that file and opens it with Notepad:

Then the worm installs itself to system. It copies itself to Windows System folder with a semi-randomly generated name and EXE extension. The following text strings are used to generate the file name of the worm's executable:

sys  host  dir  expolrer  win  run  log  32  disc  crypt  data  diag  spool  service  smss32   

After that the worm creates startup keys for its file in Windows Registry. The key names are also semi-randomly generated from the above given list. The following keys are created:

[HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run]  "" = "%WinSysDir%\.exe"  [HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run]  "" = "%WinSysDir%\.exe"   

During its installation cycle the worm creates the following files in Windows System folder:

bcegfds.lll  zhcarxxi.vvx  cvqaikxt.apk   

These files have zero length and they are used to disable previous variants of Sober if they are installed on an infected computer.

Additionally the worm creates the following files:

xdatxzap.zxp  datsobex.wwr   

These files are MIME-encoded copies of the worm's executable file and a ZIP archive with the worm's file. These files will be used for spreading of the worm in e-mail messages.

Spreading in e-mails

The worm sends e-mail messages with English and German texts and its file attached. The attached file can be an executable or a ZIP archive containing the worm's executable. The worm composes several different types of messages and the content of these messages is variable. Here's an example of a German message sent by the worm:

Before spreading the worm scans files with certain extensions on all hard disks to harvest e-mail addresses. Files with the following extensions are scanned:

pmr  stm  slk  inbox  imb  csv  bak  imh  xhtml  imm  imh  cms  nws  vcf  ctl  dhtm  cgi  pp  ppt  msg  jsp  oft  vbs  uin  ldb  abc  pst  cfg  mdw  mbx  mdx  mda  adp  nab  fdb  vap  dsp  ade  sln  dsw  mde  frm  bas  adr  cls  ini  ldif  log  mdb  xml  wsh  tbb  abx  abd  adb  pl  rtf  mmf  doc  ods  nch  xls  nsf  txt  wab  eml  hlp  mht  nfo  php  asp  shtml  dbx   

The found e-mail addresses and user names are saved in these 3 files that the worm created in Windows System folder:

winzweier.dats  wincheck32.dats  winexpoder.dats   

When the worm is active in memory it blocks access to these files as well as to its MIME-encoded files and its executable file.

The worm ignores e-mail addresses that contain any of the following substrings:

office  @www  @from.  support  redaktion  smtp-  @smtp.  gold-certs  ftp.  .dial.  .ppp.  anyone  subscribe  announce  @gmetref  sql.  someone  nothing  you@  user@  reciver@  somebody  secure  msdn.  me@  whatever@  whoever@  anywhere  yourname  mustermann@  .kundenserver.  mailer-daemon  variabel  password  -dav  law2  .sul.t-  .qmail@  t-ipconnect  t-dialin  time  postmas  service  freeav  @ca.  abuse  winrar  domain.  host.  viren  bitdefender  spybot  detection  ewido.  emsisoft  linux  google  @foo.  winzip  @example.  bellcore.  @arin  mozilla  @iana  @avp  @msn  icrosoft.  @spiegel.  @sophos  @panda  @kaspers  free-av  antivir  virus  verizon.  @ikarus.  @nai.  @messagelab  nlpmail01.  clock   

If the worm sends infected messages to domains with siffixes '.de', '.ch', '.at', '.li' or to 'gmx.' domain, it composes messages in German, otherwise English messages are composed.

The worm can compose English messages from the following text string arrays:

Subject (one of the following):

hi there  hey dude!  wazzup!!!  yeah dude :P  Details  Oh God it's  damn!  #  Registration confirmation  Confirmation  Your Password  Your mail account  Delivery failure notice  Faulty mail delivery  Mail delivery failed  Mailing Error  Illegal signs in E-Mail  Invalid mail length  Mail Delivery failure  mail delivery status  Warning!  error in dbase  DBase Error  ups, i've got your mail  Sorry, that's your mail  why do you do that?   

Message body (one of the following):

yo wazzup :P  well here is ur stuff! good luck!  cya!  hey man! you?ll not belive me what i?ve found on your computer!^^ ... thats funny dude!  well cya soon  nice pic u send me! here is mine!  I was surprised, too! :-(??  Who could suspect something like that? shit  hey dude!#  ive found a shity virus on my pc. yo must check your pc!  follow the steps in this article.  bye  Life's a Bitch  Smiling Like a Killer  Your password was changed successfully.  Protected message is attached.  Anybody use your accounts and (or) passwords!  For further details see the attachment.  i'm very very sorry, anybody have sent your mail to my account address.  i've read this mail ,,, sorry about that  I've got your mail, but its came on my mail address???  excuse for my bad english, but I'm a Dutchman   

Attachment name (one of the following):

stuff  your_docs  private  ohyeah  photo  shock  thatshard  oh_no  article  more_infos  check_this  p_message  yourmail  idiot  painfulness   

The worm can compose German messages from the following text string arrays:

Subject (one of the following):

lol, wat'n los ey?  Information von  Falsche Mailzustellung  Fehler in Ihrer E-Mail  Ihre E-Mail war fehlerhaft  ESMTP Error  Ungultige Variablen in ihrer E-Mail  Verbindung wurde getrennt  Mail_Fehler  Ihr neuer Account  Neue Account Daten  Sie haben nicht gezahlt  Rechnung  Hi, sei vorsichtig!  Achtung! gefahrlicher Virus!  Schon gehort?  Die Tools!  Dein Zeug's!  Hier fur dich^^  Bestellungs Bestatigung  Lieferungs-Bestatigung  Ok, hier ist mein  Ich habe mich in dich verliebt!   

Message body (one of the following):

Man hort und sieht nikkes mehr von Dir!  Haste D.e.i.n.e. Tage oder so?;) Ware mal sehr nett von dir,  wenn Du mal was von dir horen laaaasssssen tutest(tut tut)!  bis spaeeeter mal  Diese Information ist Passwort geschutzt.  Da Sie uns Ihre Personlichen Daten mitgeteilt haben, ist das Passwort Ihr Geburts-Datum!  Viel Spass mit unserem Angebot  Guten Tag!  Das diese E-Mail automatisch generiert wurde, darf aus  Datenschutzrechtlichen Grunden die vollstandige E-Mail nur  angehangt werden.  Ihre neuen Account Daten finden Sie im beigefugten Dokument.  Vielen Dank fur Ihr Verstandnis.  Wir bitten dies zu berucksichtigen.  Guten Tag,  Da Sie vor einiger Zeit ihren -Tarif bei uns gewechselt  haben, mussen wir darauf hinweisen, dass Ihre Zahlung noch nicht  bei uns eingegangen ist.  Leider mussen wir darauf hinweisen, das rechtliche Schritte gegen Sie eingeleitet werden konnen.  Alle Informationen bezuglich diesem Tarifes finden Sie im mitgesendetem Dokument.  Hochachtungsvoll  R. Peters  ### Peters Multi- Media GmbH  ### www.  Hi... ich wollte dir schnell mal mitteilen, dass sich ein  gefahrlicher Virus/Trojaner uber Internet Seiten verbreitet.  Achte auf die Infos im Anhang!!!  Ciao!  Hey alles klar? Hier sind die Tools die du haben wolltest!  Viel Spa? damit ;)  Cu!  Weitere Informationen befinden sich im Anhang dieser Mail  Da Du mir dein Foto geschickt hast, hier nun ein Bild von mir!  Ja, leider kann ich es nicht andern aber es ist so.  Wenn Du genauso fuhlst, dann schau dir bitte den Anhang an.  Wenn nicht, dann losche ungeoffnet diese Mail! Es ware mir sonst zu peinlich .....   

Attachment name (one of the following):

Jokes  Kundeninfo  Benutzer-Daten  -tarif  Antitext  lese-das  Aufpassen  Tools  daten  Foto  Bild   

Sober's attachment name can contain a random number and can have one of the following extensions:

.com  .bat  .pif  .scr   

Also the attachment can be sent in a ZIP archive. In this case the worm's file inside the archive will have double extension. The first extension is selected from the following list:

.txt  .doc  .word  .xls  .eml   

The attachment name can be as well "borrowed" from any file name on an infected system.

The worm can also compose fake bounced messages.

The subject of an infected e-mail can have 'FwD:' string.

The worm fakes the sender's e-mail address. It can compose fake sender's e-mail address from the following parts:

Info  FehlerMail  Information  Service  Hilfe  Webmaster  Hostmaster  Postmaster  User-Info  account  ErrorMail  ReMailer  automailer  Administrator  user-help  Lisa  Peter  Michael  Thomas  Elke  Susi  Nadine   

Sober.G can place a fake anti-virus scanner report in the message body trying to persuade a recipient that the message was scanned by an on-line scanner and no infection was found.


Sober.G can download and activate an executable file from one of the following websites:   

The name of the downloaded executable file is 'doerkggg.exe'.

Deactivation of the worm

The worm periodically looks for a file named 'odin-anon.ger' and it this file is found, the worm uninstalls itself from memory. Moreover, if this file is present in Windows System folder, the worm does not install itself to a system.

A message from Sober's author

Sober.G worm creates a file named NoSpam.readme in Windows System folder and writes a German text there. That text is a message from the author of the worm to AV companies. In the message the author denies being a spammer or a hacker and reports his age group.


Detection of Sober.G worm is available in the following FSAV updates:

Detection Type: PC

Database: 2004-05-12_01

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