Skulls.P, SymbOS/Skulls.P


Skulls.P is a combination of several previous Skulls variants. Skulls.P contains component files from Skulls.D and Skulls.N among other variants. Skulls.P also drops SymbOS/Mabir.A and several Cabir variants on the phone and component files from Fontal and Doomboot trojans. The Doomboot component dropped by Skulls.P prevents phone from rebooting, so if your phone is infected with Skulls.P, it is critical not to reboot the phone. As Skulls.P breaks the application manager and application installer, the only currently working method of disinfection works with phones that have removable memory card.

Disinfection with two Series 60 phones

CAUTION This method will work only with phones where memory card can be inserted without removing the phone battery.