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Trojan:SymbOS/Singlejump.A affects devices running the Symbian S60 operating system. It is distributed in a malicious SIS file named 'PhotoID.v3.06_NEW_7610_3230_6630_SMPDA.sis'.

On execution, the trojan installs small component into locations where it replaces system and third party applications; if these applications are launched, the component resets the device.

Singlejump.A also installs a modified Bluetooth-Worm:SymbOS/Cabir variant that it uses to spread Trojan:SymbOS/Bootton.A to nearby Bluetooth-accessible devices; the modified Cabir is not started automatically but will start when device boots.

A trojan that secretly downloads malicious files from a remote server, then installs and executes the files.


Disinfection with two Series 60 phones

Download the F-Skulls tool either onto a computer or directly to the phone :

  • Install F-Skulls.sis into infected phones memory card with a clean phone
  • Put the memory card with F-Skulls into infected phone
  • Start up the infected phone, the application menu should work now
  • Press menu button until you get Symbian process menu, look for any applications with heart icon. Kill the application processes with 'C' button.
  • Go to application manager and uninstall the SIS file in which you installed the Singlejump.A
  • Download F-Secure Mobile Anti-Virus from and activate the Anti-Virus
  • Scan the phone and remove any remaining components of Singlejump.A
  • Remove the F-Skulls with application manager as the phone is now cleaned

Technical Details


On execution, Singlejump.A replaces built in and third party applications with component that causes device to reboot when executed.

It also uses a Cabir variant that is modified so that instead of sending a copy of itself, the worm loads a specified SIS file (which is installed by Singlejump.A to a location where Cabir expects to find its own file) and starts sending it. In this case, the specified file is a copy of Trojan:SymbOS/Bootton.A.

The modified Cabir worm that Singlejump.A uses is based on Cabir.B and maintains the same replication flaw; thus, it is only capable of sending SymbOS/Bootton.A to the first phone it finds after reboot.

This trojan contains this message:

Saying HELLO From Here (SYRIA)

TO All The WORLD !!!

I Wish U N-Joy UR

Damaged Device ..

U Know, Not all may Read These Words But,

No Problem Bcuz Some will,

But even This, Thats The Way I Love U All ...




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