Threat Description



Aliases: Rogue:W32/SpyAxe, Program:Win32/SpyAxe (Microsoft)
Category: Malware
Type: Rogue
Platform: W32


Dishonest antivirus software which tricks users into buying or installing it, usually by infecting a user's computer, or by pretending the computer is infected.


Automatic action

Once detected, the F-Secure security product will automatically disinfect the suspect file by either deleting it or renaming it.


Detailed instructions for F-Secure security products are available in the documentation found in the Downloads section of our Home - Global site.

You may also refer to the Knowledge Base on the F-Secure Community site for further assistance.

Technical Details

SpyAxe is an anti-spyware application sometimes installed without a user's knowledge or consent. The installed application functions up to the point when a user wants to remove a found infection, at which point the software requires purchase. The software may falsely alarm about infections, even prior to conducting a scan.SpywareQuake, SpyFalcon, MalwareWipe and SpywareStrike are renamed versions of SpyAxe. WinAntiVirusPro shares the same Privacy Policy as SpyAxe and appears to be related.


A trojan already installed on a user's computer may show a fraudulent warning that the user is infected, as seen in the screenshots below:

The trojan that downloaded and installed Spyaxe is detected as Trojan-Downloader:W32/Zlob. It has lately been masked as a Video Codec.When the user clicks the message, the trojan will download and silently install SpyAxe.


After installation, SpyAxe will detect the trojan that installed it, but without any details. The user will not be allowed to attempt cleaning of the trojan until paying for SpyAxe.Spyaxe offers affiliates compensation for downloading and installing Spyaxe on users computers. Thereby the people behind Zlob can receive money for the unsolicited installations they distribute.


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