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Category: Malware

Type: -

Aliases: PSW.Boobs, Trojan.PSW.Boobs, Boobs


The PSW.Boobs is a data stealing trojan that appeared in the end of August 1999. The trojan itself is a packed Windows PE executable. The original name is BOOBS.EXE but it can arrive named differently.


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Technical Details

Being run the trojan creates some Registry entries including the one which will enable it to run during all next Windows sessions. Unlike other password stealing trojans the PSW.Boobs doesn't copy itself to \Windows\ or \Windows\System\ directory and is always started from the same location it was run first time.

After activation the trojan displays a dialog with a picture of a nude girl and a message 'Click Here'. When the picture is clicked the trojan animates it. At the same time the trojan scans all directory tree of the first hard drive and creates a log file WSTMP.$$$ where locations of all DOC files are listed. The trojan uses this file as a 'flag' and doesn't show its dialog box again during further activations if this file already exists. The trojan also creates an empty TMP.$$$ file in root directory of drive C:.

After reboot the trojan gets control and looks for a valid Internet connection. When it is acquired the trojan sends all DOC files listed in WSTMP.$$$ to an email address in South Africa <pearcem@sacs.co.za>. The subject line of the message is 'NBS As Requested'. The trojan doesn't use any email browser to send out messages, so data leak might be difficult to discover.

To remove the trojan from computer it's sufficient to delete its executable in DOS as the file is blocked by Windows when the trojan is active.

F-Secure provides detection and removal of this trojan with the latest AVC updates that can be downloaded from our ftp site: