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NetSky.U worm was discovered on April 8th, 2004.This variant is extremely close to the latest NetSky variants. For example, sharing up to approximately 94% of the code and features in common with NetSky.S.


Automatic action

Once detected, the F-Secure security product will automatically disinfect the suspect file by either deleting it or renaming it.

More scanning & removal options

More information on the scanning and removal options available in your F-Secure product can be found in the Help Center.

You may also refer to the Knowledge Base on the F-Secure Community site for further assistance.

Eliminating a Local Network Outbreak

If the infection is in a local network, please follow the instructions on this webpage:

Technical Details

The worm's file is a PE executable 18432 bytes long packed with PE-Patch and UPX file compressors.

Some of the worm's text strings are scrambled.

Installation to system

Upon execution NetSky.U copies itself as SymAV.exe file to Windows folder and adds a startup key for this file into System Registry:

[HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run]  "SymAV" = "%WinDir%\SymAV.exe"  

where %WinDir% represents Windows folder name.

Spreading in e-mail

Before spreading in e-mail the worm collects e-mail addresses. It scans all files on all drives from C: to Z: except CD-ROM drives. If any file with the following extensions is found, the worm opens it and searches for e-mail addresses there:

.eml  .txt  .php  .cfg  .mbx  .mdx  .asp  .wab  .doc  .vbs  .rtf  .uin  .shtm  .cgi  .dhtm  .adb  .tbb  .dbx  .pl  .htm  .html  .sht  .oft  .msg  .ods  .stm  .xls  .jsp  .wsh  .xml  .mht  .mmf  .nch  .ppt  

The worm composes two different types of messages. All of them have the following subjects in common:

Re: Hi  Re: Hello  Hi  Hello  Hey  It's me  Again  Reply  

The first type of messages is composed from bodies and attchment names from the following lists:


Abou you?  Sexy pic abou you?  Do you have a digicam to make your private photos?  More naked...your body is sexy!  Naked, you?  Are you naked?  More private photos of you? no!  Private photos...mmmhh. I like it. Post me more please!  Hey, naked one!  Hey, have you ever seen your photo?  Eat my shit! Your photo is bad.  Do not distribute your naked photos!  Uhaaa! naked... are you cranky?  Your are naked? Tell me more...please!  Hey, private or private..naked?  Pah!...take your private photo, naked and so, and go away.'  I have sent your private photo to the police.  What is when I show your private illegal photo the police?'  You? Very funny! More available?  I don't want to see your photo!  Shit... your photo! naked?  


photo03.pif  your_photo.pif  private_pic.pif  private_photo.pif  about_you.pif  your_bad_photo.pif  xxx_yours_naked.pif  your_private_document.pif  private.pif  yourpic.pif  yournakedpic.pif  pic04.pif  yours.pif  yourimage.pif  yourphoto.pif  yoursnaked.pif  yours_naked.pif  img05.pif  not_permitted.pif  yours_naked_img.pif  yours_funny.pif  

The second type of messages has the following bodies and attachment names:


Not with me!  Here is a sample of your private documents I have stolen!  Your privacy! lol, youre not protected!  Needed? No, here I give it back!  I believe from the document you are a child!  Check your document, errors are there!  Please, please, Give me another sexy document about you!  Short and good, your document!  Jooooooooo.... document? Yours????? Wehaaa!  I do not accept documents from bad guys!  I do not want your document!  Go to hell an burn with your bad document!  I will send your list to the police!!!!  Hello, here.  It's the truth, your document not!!!  Could I have more texts about you?  Thus is enough. Stop sending your shitty documents!!!  One, two three, more, I have many questions to you document!  Nice, nice, more and more? do you?  Should I believe it? No, however, your story is bad.  Oh.....puh, your story is very strong!  Yours is very nice!  Do you have more of that?  Hey ya, nice document. Do you have more?  


document.pif  private.pif  yourdoc.pif  yourdocument.pif  mydocument.pif  onedocument.pif  your_doc04.pif  founddocument.pif  document3.pif  anotherdocument.pif  document_part.pif  alldoc.pif  details.pif  shortdoc.pif  doc04.pif  illegaldocument.pif  abusedocument.pif  posteddocument.pif  trieddocument.pif  yetanotherdocumen.pif  doc.pif  sexydocument.pif  letter.pif  story.pif  mail.pif  abuses.pif  morestory.pif  doc_ed.pif  approvdoc.pif  detailed.pif  listed.pif  

The third type of messages has the following bodies and attachment names:


Oh, I got it!  To less characters! Take it easy...  I noticed your password for administrative purpuses.  Yet another password! Need a better one?  Oh... your password!  Need a better password? my advice....  Your pwd is critical, too short, to low!  Do not use personal information for your password!  Your password on a website?  Passwordlist? yours?  I needed only 2 hours to get your password.  Change your password! I have stolen some text, excuse me!  Dictionary attacks are good. Your password not!  I used the brute-force method to get your password..  Take it easy... Your password is too short.  I've got your password! take it easy...  Hey, easy passwords!  Oh! Excuse me, your password is too easy!!!  


correct_pass.pif  pass01.pif  pwds04.pif  password02.pif  pwd.pif  yourspwd.pif  your_pwd.pif  your_password.pif  pwd_list.pif  passwords.pif  password.pif  yourpassword.pif  easypassword.pif  cracked_password.pif  morepasswords.pif  

The worm does not spread itself from 13th to 17th of April 2004.


The worm has a backdoor that listens on TCP port 6789. It allows to download and execute files on an infected computer.


Netsky.U has a payload. It performs a DoS (Denial of Service) attack on the following websites from 14th to 23rd of April 2004:  

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