Mac.Simpsons was found in the wild in June 2001. It is the first email chain letter spreading under Macintosh systems. The worm is written with AppleScript. This means that although Windows or Linux users might get copies of the virus in email it doesn't do anything on their systems.


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Technical Details

Macintosh users with Outlook or Entourage email programs will resend the message further if they execute the "Simpsons Episodes" attachment. Additionally, the script copies itself to "System Folder/Startup Items/Simpsons Episodes". This way the worm will be executed in the each time when the system is restarted.

The email message looks like this:

 Hundreds of Simpsons episodes were just secretly produced and sent out on the internet, if this
message gets to you, the episodes are enclosed on the attachment program, which will only run on
a Macintosh. You must have system 9.0 or 9.1 to watch the hilarious episodes, in high quality. Just
download and open it. 
From, [your name]

 -- To get random signatures put text files into a folder
called "Random Signatures" into your Preferences folder.

In addition, the virus will attempt to open up a web page located at (this page has nothing to do with the virus).

More information on the Mac.Simpsons virus is available at:

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