Category: Malware

Type: -

Aliases: Leprosy, News Flash


The name of the virus is derived from the following message found inside it.

NEWS FLASH!! Your system has been infected with the
 incurable decay of LEPROSY 1.00, a virus invented by
 PCM2 in June of 1990.
Good luck!


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Technical Details

Another variant is known, where the message has been changed to:

Your computer has been afflicted with
 the incurable decay that is the fate wrought by
 Leprosy Strain B, a virus employing Cybernetic
 Mutation Technology(tm) and invented by PCM2 08/90. 		 		

Infected programs will either display this message or

Program too big to fit in memory

Leprosy is a 666 byte overwriting virus, and infected programs must be deleted, as there is no way to remove the virus. The only thing which is remarkable about it is the fact that the virus is written in C.

Variant:Plague, Viper, Busted

Plague is a slightly shorter variant, 591 bytes long. It contains the following text:

 Autopsy indicates the cause of

death was THE PLAGUE

Dedicated to the dudes at SHHS


Viper is related, but uses a slightly different encryption method and is 840 bytes long. Busted is yet another variant, which contains the text



This variant has been changed quite a bit, probably in order to avoid detection by some anti-virus program. It is also longer - 1972 bytes.

Variant:Leprosy-C, Leprosy-D, Scribble, Seneca, Surfer

Other variants, just as non-interesting as the previous ones.