Category: Malware

Type: -

Aliases: Kompu, Kommi


For more information on Word macro viruses, see WordMacro/Concept.

WordMacro/Kompu was found from Estonia in December 1996. It spreads when infected DOC files are opened to Word. After this, all other documents will get infected when they are opened or closed.


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Technical Details

On the 6th or 8th of any month, the virus activates. When any document is opened on these dates, the virus will display a dialog box with the title "Mul on paha tuju!" and the question "Tahan kommi!". These texts are in Estonian and mean "I'm in a bad mood" and "Give me a candy". The virus will not let the user continue working until he writes the word 'komm' (candy) to the window. After this, the virus changes the Word status bar text to read:


Kompu.A has been reported to be in the wild in several European countries.

Variant:Kompu.I (Spreader)


This is another variant of Estonian virus Kompu. It was found in November 1997.

Kompu.I activates by switching to normal view and setting document magnification to 200 percent.

This happens every time an infected document is opened. At this time virus also displays a message box with the following text:

Still don't see the text ? I'll fix that problem ;)

The virus body contains this text:

Reason: Educational
Name: Spreader
Made in Estonia
Made by the TPAR team