Threat description


Platform: W32
Aliases: KMIT, Pro, Bios


KMIT virus installs itself to high DOS memory, decreasing available memory by 8336 bytes. It hooks interrupts 09h (keyboard), 1Ch (timer) and 21h (DOS).


Automatic action

Once detected, the F-Secure security product will automatically disinfect the suspect file by either deleting it or renaming it.


More information on scanning and removal options available in your F-Secure product can be found in the Help Center.

You may also refer to the Knowledge Base on the F-Secure Community site for more information.

Contact Support

For further assistance, F-Secure customers can request support online via the Request support or the Chat forms on our Home - Global site.

Technical Details

Once the KMIT virus is memory resident, it will infect executed COM and EXE files. File length increase will not be visible as long as the virus is resident. The virus code is located at the beginning of COM programs and at the end of EXE programs.

KMIT will corrupt COMMAND.COM if it infects it. This will result in a continuous series of reboots occurring when the machine is booted up next time.

KMIT contains the following unencrypted text string:

We are PRO Version 1.0 Producted by Mr.Watshira Sae-eu KMIT Date Dec 28,1990 See U Next Version. BIOS SOIB 122819722791 		  		 

KMIT activates on December the 28th, when it tries to overwrite part of the hard disk.

Description Details: Mikko Hypponen, F-Secure


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