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A new variant of email worm Kipis was found on 24th of December 2004. The worm spreads in emails that have a subject "Hello", "Happy New Year", or "Ass". This variant also does a DDoS attack against


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Technical Details

When run the worm creates a mutex named "KiPiSx018-AxSE-DDSxKAV" to avoid running more than once simultaneously.

The worm copies itself as:


where %WinDir% is Windows folder, for example 'C:\Windows\' on a default installation of Windows XP. In effect, running "regedit" runs a copy of the worm instead of regedit.exe.

It also creates a directory


and copies itself in that directory as "svchost.exe". This path is added to system.ini file using the Windows API call WritePrivateProfileStringA from the Kernel32.dll. The entry will look like this:

Shell=Explorer.exe "%WinDir%\security\svchost.exe"

As win.ini is not supported by Windows NT, 2000 and XP, on these operating system the changes will be added to the Registry.As as result Windows will start the worm on every time it boots.

The worm also creates a file


where %WinSysDir% is Windows System folder, for example 'C:\Windows\System32' on a default installation of Windows XP.

The file Jpg.bmp contains the following string

BMD -:+:- zzzzzzzzzzz 			

Then the worm tries to open this file with mspaint.exe as a decoy. This file crashes mspaint.exe.

Email spreading

Kipis.B tries to locate the e-mail addresses from the Windows address book file. Additionally, it collects addresses from files with certain extensions on all hard disks and RAM drives from C: to Z. Files with the following extensions will be checked:


The worm has its own SMTP engine which it uses to send infected emails. The messages sent by the worm will have one of the following subjects:

Happy New Year

The worm uses one the following body texts in the message:

Hello! baby :-)
Kiss me Ass...

It can also use the following faked error message in the body:

Server cannot send message.
On all questions address in a support service

The worm attaches itself to an infected message using one of the following names:

kiss my ass.scr
your present.scr
your screen_03.scr
P2P spreading

The worm spreads itself in P2P networks. When it locates a shared folder, it copies itself there with one of the following names:

Nude Britney Spears.scr
Nude Pic_07.scr
Virtual Girl
KAV Pro 5.xx
DrWeb 4.32
WinXP Sp2

Kipis.B creates a thread that terminates security related software.

The worm also has a backdoor listening on port 1029. With this backdoor, additional programs can be uploaded and executed.

Denial of service attack

Kipis.B creates a thread that checks the current time with GetLocalTime Win32 call. If the day of the month is below 14th, the worm attempts a DDoS attack against The DDos is performed by creating a massive amount of threads that send a simple HTTP query to web server. The attack will first begin on January 1st 2005 and will cease on January 14th.


F-Secure Anti-Virus detects Kipis.B worm with the following update:

Detection Type: PC

Database: 2004-12-26_01

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