IADHIDE is NOT a virus or a harmful program.

We've added this description as we sometimes receive questions about existance of iadhide.dll or iadhide3.dll. These files are a standard part of the F-Secure Anti-Virus program.

However, iadhide.dll is sometimes detected to be "spyware" by some spyware detection programs - such as Adaware. In reality, iadhide is a F-Secure BackWeb component. F-Secure BackWeb is used to download virus signature database updates automatically to the client computer. This ensures that you will have the latest virus signature databases on your system all the time without having to worry about updating.


You can control the existance of iadhide.dll on your system by installing or removing the "F-Secure BackWeb" component. Please note that we do not recommend uninstalling BackWeb, as you won't be getting automatic updates any more.

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