Category: Malware

Type: Worm

Aliases: Hard, HardHead, VBS/Hard.A@MM


Hard is a Visual Basic Script mass mailer (worm) that tries to disguise a virus warning.


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Technical Details


Hard.A worm spreads to all resipients listed in Outlook Express address book. It arrives in a message that looks as follows:

----- Original Message -----
 Subject: FW: Symantec Anti-Virus Warning
 There is a new worm on the Net.
 This worm is very fast-spreading and very dangerous!
 Symantec has first noticed it on April 04, 2001.
 The attached file is a description of the worm and how it
 replicates itself.
 With regards,
 F. Jones
 Symantec senior developer

Hard.A contaians a payload that activates on November 24. Then the worm shows a message box with the following title and text:

	Some shocking news 	Don't look surprised! 	It is only a warning about your stupidity
	Take care!