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Category: Malware

Type: Worm

Aliases: Godzilla, VBS/Godzilla.A@m, I-Worm.Godzilla


Godzilla is a slow mass mailing worm. It activates in a similar way as JS/Kak, by reading an infected email message.


Automatic action

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Technical Details


Godzilla.A uses Outlook Express 5.0 to spread as HTML source in each email from infected machine. To do this it saves its code in Update.hta in Windows Startup folder:


so it will be executed next time when the system is restarted.

The virus also saves itself in C:\Windows folder in a file Sign.html. By modifying the Windows registry:


it changes Outlook Express signature to use Sign.html. On that way the worm code will be embedded in each outgoing email message.

If the date is October 10th, VBS/Godzilla.A shows a message box with a the following text:

Have you danced with the devil in the moonlight ?

VBS/Godzilla.A@m also contains the following comment on the top of its code:

I-Worm.Godzilla Coded by Zorro