Gattman.A is a file infecter targeted at IDC files. IDC files are proprietary script files for the popular reverse engineering tool IDA Pro. The author's purpose seems to be the creation; of a proof-of-concept file infecter with the aim of fooling security researchers. However, due to the very specific nature of the files it attempts to infect, the threat can be considered almost null.


Infected IDC files can usually be restored by opening them with a text editor and manually removing the code created by the malware.

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Technical Details

Gattman.A can arrive on the victim's computer in two ways:

  • Executable file
  • Infected IDC script

Both the executable file and the IDC script needs to be executed for Gattman.A to activate. (IDC needs to be explicitly executed from inside of IDA Pro.) If the executable file is launched, it will start looking for IDC files starting from its current directory and recursing through subdirectories. When it finds a file suitable for infection, it will inject its own code into the script, maintaining the original code of the script. The injected code is responsible to recreate the executable file and execute it. This code is polymorphic: it is composed by oligomorphic IDC commands that will recreate the original binary executable, while the polymorphism consists of randomly generated comments. It is notable that the executable created by running the IDC script is constant. If the created IDC file is executed, it will recreate the binary file and will execute it. After the execution is terminated, the binary file will be removed.

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