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Platform: W32


G2 is a virus code generator written by 'Dark Angel', a member of the Phalcon/Skism group. The name G2 seems to refer to 'Generation 2'. Apparently the author wasn't totally happy with the original PS-MPC generator because he wrote 'Phalcon/Skism G2'. G2 was released at the turn of 1993.


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Technical Details

G2 is similar to PS-MPC, with a few major differences. All viruses generated by G2 are different from each other even if the settings file values are identical. G2 also includes a small external file called G2.DAT. This file is the brain of the generator, and Dark Angel has announced that there will be updates to it. By updating this file, the generators functionality can be changed.

The G2 manual describes the program as follows:

FEATURES   The target audience of G2 includes both novice and advanced programmers alike    who wish to learn more about virus programming. A revolutionary tool in virus   generation, G2 is both easy to use and unparalleled in performance. As a code    generator, it has a number of  features including:   o       Easy updates via data files.   o       Accepts MPC-compliant configuration files.   o       Different viruses may be generated from identical           configuration files.   o       Small executable size, allowing for speed during load           and execution.   o       Still no IDE - edit the configuration file in your favorite           editor and  rapidly generate new code; no need for lengthy wait           while IDE loads,  allowing you to work faster and have results           quicker. A definite productivity bonus!   o       Rapid generation of code, once again allowing for fast           results.   o       Low memory requirements.   As a virus creation tool, it has the following features:   o       Generates compact, easily modified, fully commented,           source code.   o       COM/EXE infectors.   o       Resident and nonresident viruses.   o       Supports multiple, semi-polymorphic encryption routines           (full  polymorphism coming soon).   o       Easily upgraded when improvements are needed.   Clearly, G2 is the most advanced virus code generator   available today!  


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