Fbound, W32/Impat.A-mm, I-Worm.Zircon


Fbound is a mass-mailer that was first discovered in March, 2002.


The worm doesn't install itself to system. So to remove the worm it's enough to restart an infected computer. After that you can delete the worm's file from temporary folder where it was dropped by email cliend upon attachment execution.

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Technical Details


The Fbound.C variant of the worm appeared in the wild on March 14th 2002.

When activated, the worm first gets user's SMTP server and email address. Then it gets Windows Address Book location, loads up virus exe to memory, encodes it with Base64 encoding, searches WAB file for email addresses and sends itself to all these addresses. The infected email looks like this:


The message body is empty. When the recipient's address contains '.jp' (Japan) in the end, the subject line is randomly chosen from the list of 16 different subjects.

It should be noted that the worm encodes its file into a single line and this violates RFC regulations for Base64 encoding. So some email servers will not process worm's messages.

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