Threat description



Desex is a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) trojan. It can perform a DoS attack on certain servers on Internet. The trojan can be hiddenly dropped to users' computers and then used to perform a DoS attack.


To get rid of the trojan it's enough to delete its file from an infected computer.

Technical Details

The trojan is written in Visual C++ and its file is packed with UPX file compressor. The packed executable size is 6656 bytes, the unpacked length is 9216 bytes.

Desex trojan attacks the following 3 servers:  

To attack these servers the trojan uses certain functions from WS2_32.DLL library:

WSAStartup  htons  inet_addr  socket  sendto  WSACleanup  

The trojan contains the following text strings:

sex  de  

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