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Category: Trojan

Type: Trojan

Platform: SymbOS


Cardtrap.AK is a Symbian SIS file trojan that tries to damage some 3rd party applications and installs Windows malware to the memory card.


Disinfecting using F-Secure Mobile Security
  • Download F-Secure Mobile Anti-Virus from https://f-secure.mobiand activate the Anti-Virus
  • Scan the phone and remove any components of the malware
  • Reboot the phone to remove memory resident components
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Technical Details

Installation to the Phone

Cardtrap.AK tries to disable following 3rd party applications by installing several damaged files to the phone memory:

  • C:\system\apps\Antivirus\Antivirus.app
  • C:\system\apps\Antivirus\AVserver.exe
  • C:\system\apps\Disinfect\Disinfect.app
  • C:\system\apps\Disinfector\Disinfector.app
  • C:\system\apps\FCommwarrior\FCommwarrior.app
  • C:\system\apps\KLAntivirus\KLAntivirus.app
  • C:\system\apps\MAV\MAV.app
  • C:\system\apps\Mobilesecurity\Mobilesecurity.app
  • C:\system\apps\MobilesecurityAu\MobilesecurityAu.app
  • E:\system\apps\ADOBEREADER\ADOBEREADER.app
  • E:\system\apps\BLACKLIST\BLACKLIST.app
  • E:\system\apps\cabirfix\cabirfix.app
  • E:\system\apps\ETICamcorder\ETICamcorder.app
  • E:\system\apps\FExplorer\FExplorer.app
  • E:\system\apps\file\file.app
  • E:\system\apps\FSCaller\FSCaller.app
  • E:\system\apps\Logoman\Logoman.app
  • E:\system\apps\Photoalbum\Photoalbum.app
  • E:\system\apps\PhotoEditor\PhotoEditor.app
  • E:\system\apps\Quicksheet\Quicksheet.app
  • E:\system\apps\SettingsWizard\SettingsWizard.app
  • E:\system\apps\Smartmovie\Smartmovie.app
  • E:\system\apps\systemexplorer\systemexplorer.app
  • E:\system\apps\ultramp3\ultramp3.app
  • E:\system\recogs\flocknut.mdl
  • E:\system\recogs\fSkulls.mdl

Cardtrap.AK drops following Win32 malware to device memory card:

  • Worm.Win32.Mobler.b

Description Created: 2006-08-28 13:43:33.0

Description Last Modified: 2006-08-30 10:46:18.0

Description Details: Mika Tolvanen, August 28, 2006
Technical Details: Mika Tolvanen, August 28, 2006