There is no virus known by this name to our product. Bloodhound is a generic name used by Norton Anti-Virus that it might have found an unknown virus. Sometimes this is a false alarm, sometimes a real alarm on a virus unknown to NAV.


If this is a real alarm, F-Secure Anti-Virus might detect it with another name or, as this is likely to be a new virus, miss it. In any case it will not detect the object as being infected by "Bloodhound".

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Technical Details

Variant:ALIAS:Bloodhound.AOLPWS, AOLPWS

This is a special name Norton Anti-Virus uses for unknown versions of AOL password stealers. They only affect users of America Online.


The August 9, 1999 (posted August 12, 1999) virus definition update for Norton AntiVirus may falsely detect some Microsoft Word 97 or 2000 templates as "Bloodhound.Unknown".

Contact FSAV or NAV support for further instructions.

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