Category: Malware

Type: Worm

Aliases: Beglur, I-Worm.Beglur


Beglur is a mass-mailer that spreads as an attachment to emails mentioning Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden. The worm uses IFrame exploit to automatically start its attachments on recipients' computers.


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Technical Details

The worm's file is a Windows PE executable 8774 bytes long packed with UPX file compressor. The unpacked file size is about 27 kilobytes.

When the worm's file is started, it copies itself to Windows System folder as BGLR32.EXE and modifies SHELL= variable in SYSTEM.INI file or System Registry (depending on Windows version) to be always run with Windows.

Then the worm starts to scan all files on a C: drive. If it finds files with the following extensions:


the worm will look for email addresses inside those files.

The worm gets information about user's SMTP server address from the Registry. If this information is unavailable, the worm tries to use the following SMTP server:

email messages sent by the worm look like that:


Baath []


For World of Peace!


Saddam Hussien has been captured but Osama Bin Laden still have a power
and US will never captured this person until somebody captured Bush.
God Bless You!!



The worm uses IFrame exploit that allows the infected attachment to start automatically on older and unpatched versions of certain email clients.