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Category: Malware

Type: Backdoor

Platform: iPhoneOS

Aliases: Backdoor:iPhoneOS/XCodeGhost.[variant], Trojan.MAC.OSX.XcodeGhost.[variant], XcodeGhost.[variant]


Backdoor:iPhoneOS/XCodeGhost identifies iOS apps that include code introduced when the software was created using a maliciously-modified version of the Xcode app creation framework.


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Technical Details

In late September 2015, security researchers discovered apps containing malicious code were being offered in the iOS App Store. Further investigation revealed that the apps had been unknowingly created by legitimate developers using a version of the popular Xcode app creation platform that had been modified to silently introduce code into the programs it was used to create. The trojanized Xcode software had been distributed by the attackers on forums that developers often frequented.

Once installed on a user's device, the code-tainted apps were able to read and alter information on the device, as well as silently sending data to remote servers. The majority of the affected users were reportedly from China, though researchers have noted that affected apps were downloaded in other regions as well.

Following news of the discovery, the compromised apps were removed from the App Store.

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