Category: Malware

Type: -

Aliases: Angus


For background information on Word macro viruses, see the description of the WordMacro/Concept virus.

This is a complex Word macro virus. It activates on the 23rd of October. At this date it encrypts accessed Word documents with a random password.

It also might insert the following texts to documents:


Hello from GREECE.

On 24th of October the virus creates a file called PCGURU4.BAT to the current directory. This file contains the following lines:

 @echo off

Rem PcGuru4 virus by NAENBGOURSG

Rem Golden Version 4.3

type PcGuru4.bat >> PcGuru4.bat

The virus also contains the following text:



'231076 -- GREECE

'VRD 23-4-1997



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