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Aliz Disinfection Instructions


Category: Malware

Type: -

Aliases: Aliz Disinfection Instructions


Aliz worm is relatively easy to disinfect.


1. If you don't have F-Secure Anti-Virus (FSAV from now on) you can download a trial version from our website:


2. If you already have F-Secure Anti-Virus or if you are using a trial version, please download the latest updates from our website:


3. Download and apply Microsoft's security patch against automatic activation of email attachments:


4. Restart your system.

5. Scan all your hard drives with FSAV.

a. When FSAV detects the Aliz worm in some file, select 'Delete' disinfection action. This will remove the worm's file from your system.

b. VERY IMPORTANT! If FSAV detects an infection in your email database (PST, MDB and other files), DO NOT delete this file or you will loose all your emails. You will need to delete all infected messages from your email database using your email client and then to compact these databases to purge deleted emails. After that FSAV will not find infected message any more.

6. After disinfection it is recommended to scan your system with FSAV again to ensure that no infected files are left.

[F-Secure Corporation]

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