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ALIAS:Porcupine, Farside, Weasel
TYPE:Resident COM/EXE-files


This is a family of simple viruses which infect COM and EXE files.

In some cases the 3008 byte variant displays this text: the viruses display the messages:

        For cryin'out loud!
        My circuits are haunted by the ghost of a porcupine. . .

The 3012 byte variant displays this text:

        This program has been infected with a nondestructive virus !
        For an antivirus call (034).32.09.87 (with CHRIS)

The 3008 byte variant also contains this text which is never displayed:

        FARSIDE virus 1.00 (C) Windom Earle ROMANIA

The 3008 byte variant was reported to be in the wild in Hungary in spring 1998.

[Eugene Kaspersky & Mikko Hypponen]