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Endpoint protection and VPN
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F-Secure wins AV-TEST Best Protection and Best Performance Awards

F-Secure has won the prestigious Best Protection award from AV-Test on 7 out of 10 years.

TOTAL security and privacy

Increase revenue by launching a unique value-added service that combines security and privacy into one user experience. F-Secure TOTAL is a complete turn-key solution for your consumer customers. 

F-Secure TOTAL provides security and privacy for consumers on their mobile and desktop devices, enabling them to explore the connected world without worry. By combining F-Secure's award-winning endpoint security, F-Secure SAFE, with F-Secure FREEDOME's VPN technology in a single product, we've added protective layers while simplifying consumer security. That means more ways your customers are protected, and less fuss. 

New business opportunities in consumer security

Secure online experiences have never been more important for consumers. Research shows they're ready to purchase security from their ISP. Give your customers more reasons to stick around.

Would buy security from their internet service provider

(*Source: F-Secure)

Feel they are likely victims of cyber crime in the future

(**Source: F-Secure)

Find all-in-one security appealing

(***Source: F-Secure)

Are willing to  pay for
all-in-one security

(***Source: F-Secure)
*Source: F-Secure Consumer Survey, 2018 (5 countries, n=4000) **Source: F-Secure Consumer Survey, May 2020, 12 countries, 4800 respondents ***Source: F-Secure consumer survey, May 2019 (9 country data, n=3600)

Built to support your business models

Launch it how you like. F-Secure TOTAL integrates fully to your business processes for unparalleled go-to-market flexibility. Offer as is, or customize with your own name and branding. Launch it complete, or save some features for upselling. Provide it as a standalone VAS or bundled - its business logic can be automated and can change accordingly. And of course, you can complement your offering with other products in our consumer security portfolio.


Protect your customers from viruses, trojans, spyware, and ransomware with F-Secure’s award-winning antivirus protection.


TOTAL offers security and privacy at home and on the go, even on insecure public Wi-Fi networks. Anti-tracking and phishing protection safeguard personal information while browsing.


Respond to your customers' online concerns by offering worry-free online banking and shopping. By protecting from known malware and phishing sites, you'll help keep them from falling victim to cyber crime.


TOTAL offers complete security and privacy for everyone from small children to adults, on all their devices. With just one easy-to-use app, parents can set healthy boundaries for internet content and device use, and manage the protection from their own devices.

Global security partner

200+ operators worldwide have already chosen F-Secure as a security partner. We offer comprehensive security solutions with award-winning technology to protect your customers both at home and on the go.
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Partner with the Leader in the Service Provider Channel

Comprehensive solution

F-Secure delivers the most complete consumer security portfolio available for service providers.


Enjoy a proven track record that comes from quickly and successfully launching 450+ services globally with over 200 providers.

A service that expands with you

Roll out without worry as our billing and cloud-services are built to scale for all your customers.

More than technology

We've perfected Security-as-a-Service for service providers. Our strategic consulting and service marketing can help make your activities a success, from launch to upsells.

Experts in your corner

Access our dedicated team of cyber security professionals to evaluate and ensure overall security of all your software and hardware components, including your router, app and cloud hardware.

Built to be trusted

F-Secure has a global reach and our EU background ensures that you'll be compliant with European law and the GDPR.

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