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Award-winning connected home security

F-Secure SENSE protects all the home’s internet-enabled devices from cyber attacks and threats. That means not only computers and phones, but also smart TVs, gaming consoles, baby monitors - anything on the home network. Consumers are already concerned about the security and privacy of their IoT devices; assure them you’ve got their back.

Watch Joe Johnson, VP Product Management at Windstream explain how they are protecting their customer’s connected homes with F-Secure and Actiontec.

Consumers want security from you

Your customers already depend on you for their internet connection. Why not give them more reasons to trust you?

Of consumers wish to purchase security from their service provider

(*Source: F-Secure)

Are concerned about connected home security and privacy

(*Source: F-Secure)

Find all-in-one security appealing

(**Source: F-Secure)

Are willing to  pay for
all-in-one security

(**Source: F-Secure)
*Source: F-Secure consumer survey 2018, n= 5000 **Source: F-Secure consumer survey, May 2019 (9 country data, n=3600)

Full visibility with an engaging app

Stay top-of-mind with your customers with our sleek, simple home security app.

Users can easily manage security for all their devices. It’s their window to the entire home network.

Offer our co-branded app...

F-Secure's co-branded app is designed by our own highly skilled user experience specialists. With their expertise, our consumer apps consistently receive NPS scores of 40+.

...or use your own

Prefer to use your own app? No problem, we’re flexible. Our functionalities can be easily integrated into your application.

Central device control

With a powerful app, your customers are always in control of their devices and security in their connected home.  All connected devices at home are automatically protected, and their individual online activity can easily be monitored.

Threat blocking & visibility

SENSE protects from malicious websites and lets users see the threats blocked. It detects infected smart home devices and blocks their internet connection, and notifies your customers of any suspicious activity in their home network.


Device recognition & profiling

With F-Secure's unique device recognition, all devices connecting to the home network are automatically recognized and immediately appear in the app. Devices can be grouped by room, category, or user, so managing their online activity is even easier.

Family rules

SENSE helps your customers set healthy online boundaries for their children. Parents can filter out inappropriate content and set time limits. When combined with F-Secure's endpoint protection, users get a seamless experience outside the home as well.

Build your own security proposition

F-Secure SENSE integrates seamlessly with our other security solutions. It's the most holistic security and privacy portfolio on the market, protecting your customers’ devices, family, identity and connected home.

Pick and choose the security components that best fit your end customer proposition, and build the right offering for you and your customer base.

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Smart home security

Protect your connected devices against online threats and hacking

Browsing and malware protection

Explore the internet, and do banking and shopping worry-free

Privacy protection

Stop advertisers from tracking you and stay anonymous online

Device recognition

Visibility and management of devices in your home network

Botnet protection

Keep your devices safe from viruses, trojans, spyware and ransomware


Family rules

Protect your entire family with a single service. Set healthy boundaries for your children

Seamless with endpoint protection

Protect your entire family also on-the-go with endpoint protection and identity protection with breach alerts


Hyper speed

Minimizes security impact on your broadband speeds

Support throughout your commercial launch

We know how to launch value-added security, and we’re here to share our knowledge. When you partner with F-Secure, you get the backing of our experienced marketing services teams to support your success, from the launch throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

Years of extensive research into consumer security needs have given us valuable insight into diverse markets around the world. We’ll put this expertise to work helping you create the ideal value proposition for your customers.

Our consulting and research services will make all the difference for the commercial success of your security solution.

Our approach to cyber security

Security works in layers of protection that back each other up. But IoT devices present a challenge: They can't be protected with endpoint security, and network-based security alone is not enough. So how do we secure all your customers’ connected home devices against online threats and hackers?

Bridging the gap

Our answer is security at the home gateway. Router security is the layer that closes the gap left by endpoint and network security. We analyze metadata and traffic patterns to identify and block threats from entering the home network. So your customers can consider their IoT devices safe.

More layers, more ways to protect

F-Secure's holistic portfolio also offers award-winning endpoint protection and identity protection. With protection on the endpoint, mobile devices are safe even when they’re away from home. Identity protection safeguards your customers from the damages associated with ID theft. Include these solutions for an offering that gives your customers end-to-end peace of mind.

For router vendors

Deliver a gateway that’s fast AND secure

F-Secure works directly with router vendors to deliver fast, secure Wi-Fi that protects against the growing number of threats targeting connected home devices.

More than 10 leading CPE vendors have integrated our SENSE software into their home gateway products. Here’s why router vendors love us:

  • Software that works on a variety of platforms 
  • Experienced with Broadcom, EcoNet, Intel, and Realtek chipsets
  • Experienced with xDSL, FttX, and Docsis access technologies
  • In-house team of expert developers and QA.
Best-in-class performance metrics

Concerned about sacrificing speed? No worries. Our patent-pending hyperspeed technology ensures maximum security with virtually no impact on throughput and latency. So your gateway product can be secure and fast.

Support for GTM

When you team up with F-Secure, we’ll provide you with a unique support package to help you with your go-to-market approach and sales channels worldwide.

Global security partner

200+ operators worldwide have already chosen F-Secure as a security partner. We offer comprehensive security solutions with award-winning technology to protect your customers both at home and on the go.
Check out what we have to offer.

Partner with the Leader in the Service Provider Channel

Comprehensive solution

F-Secure delivers the most complete consumer security portfolio available for service providers.


Enjoy a proven track record that comes from quickly and successfully launching 450+ services globally with over 200 providers.

A service that expands with you

Roll out without worry as our billing and cloud-services are built to scale for all your customers.

More than technology

We've perfected Security-as-a-Service for service providers. Our strategic consulting and service marketing can help make your activities a success, from launch to upsells.

Experts in your corner

Access our dedicated team of cyber security professionals to evaluate and ensure overall security of all your software and hardware components, including your router, app and cloud hardware.

Built to be trusted

F-Secure has a global reach and our EU background ensures that you'll be compliant with European law and the GDPR.

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