Security Comes as Standard

Matthew Pendlebury, Managing Consultant
August, 2018

Today’s development teams need a security mind-set to minimize risks and catch issues before production. But with all the tools and methods available and no clear standards, how can organizations adopt the right policies?

Get guidance in the whitepaper ‘Security Comes as Standard – How to build security into modern software development’.


Highlights include:

  • How in-built security removes the risk of costly late-stage testing
  • Managing the friction between IT security, development and business stakeholders
  • Key techniques for successful transition and how to avoid common pitfalls
  • Advantages of formal methodology vs. independent implementation change planning
  • How to position security as a business enabler, rather than a blocker of innovation


In modern development, it is not enough for software to simply function as it should – it must also be secure enough to protect sensitive business and client information. With tighter data protection laws coming into force and the looming threat of cyber-attacks, organizations must build security into every stage of software development to avoid the high costs of discovering issues later.

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