Improve your cyber detection with purple teaming

Detecting threats requires a proactive and collaborative effort from a synchronized and equipped SOC. Improve your detection capability to protect your organization and justify investment.

Cyber detection  is an arms race, fought between attackers—forever developing more sophisticated tactics, techniques, and procedures  (TTPs)—and security analysts charged with  implementing defensive measures where they are needed most.

While red teaming helps assess the effectiveness of detection tooling and processes, security analysts can go one step further. With purple teaming, they can build and iteratively develop a powerful detection and response capability by ingesting threat intelligence, simulating attacker TTPs across the kill chain, and identifying high-risk blind spots.

In the fast-evolving  threat landscape, analysts will succeed when they:

  • Understand and take proactive measures against threat actors posing the greatest risk
  • Constantly develop methods and make investments to tackle those risks
  • Compliment the capability of tooling with their own skills and processes
  • Measure and build on the success of past investment
  • Clearly demonstrate their capability to executive stakeholders to secure further investment

The outcome of a successful purple teaming exercise is an intricate account of an organization’s security posture, based on its detection capabilities. Security teams are provided with specific, actionable recommendations for learning and improvement. CISOs are armed with coherent justifications for growth.

Watch Consultant Derek Stoeckenius talk about his experience with Purple Teaming.

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