Security strategy

Though exposure to cyber risk is unavoidable, it is manageable. A well-designed and effectively executed security strategy that addresses critical threats to your organization enables you to remain resilient and manage cyber risk as the business evolves. Whether that evolution involves adopting innovative new technology, entering new markets, or establishing new partnerships with other organizations, we can help you build the strategy you need.

Understand the cyber risks facing your organization and develop a security strategy that aligns with your business goals and risk tolerance.

  • Strategically build resilience Develop goals and ways of working that improve your cyber and operational resilience.
  • Measure and improve security Benchmark your security posture and identify capability gaps that increase your exposure to cyber risk.
  • Take control Pursue your strategy, confident that cyber security risk is being proactively managed to an acceptable level.
  • Quantify improvement Measure and find effective ways to communicate reductions in risk with stakeholders around the business.

Our approach


Risk is an integral part of doing business; the success of your organization inevitably makes it attractive to attackers. By benchmarking your security posture, you can uncover the risks that matter most—those that impact the business’s ability to operate—and define a strategy to reduce them.

Our consultancy is built to do exactly this, working as an extension of your team to develop and implement a security strategy that accounts for people, process, and technology. We can help guide you to make the changes necessary to align this with your long-term business strategy and execute the strategy roadmap.

Services & solutions

Cyber security maturity assessment
Score the “maturity” of controls across your organization to uncover gaps in your security. Then, create a development roadmap to deliver improvements right across the business and regularly re-assess.

Target operating model development
Create the blueprint for your security operations, starting with the definition of roles, responsibilities, outcomes, and best practices. Align business stakeholders with its purpose by clearly communicating the value of the security service catalogue it offers. Formalize your processes, perform a gap analysis, and more. We can even help you build teams from scratch.

Security strategy review and program design
Ensure that your Internal Security Management System (ISMS) meets internal and external business and compliance requirements. We can also help organizations structure their cyber security roadmap to achieve specific business outcomes or generate key improvements over time.

Attack Path Mapping
Identify and map the paths an attacker could legitimately take to reach your organization’s critical assets. Highlight existing prevention and detection measures that work and find solutions where there is weakness.

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Trying to align your security strategy with your business goals? We can help.

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How we can help

We have almost 20 years’ experience supporting our clients to develop strategy roadmaps that deliver tangible security outcomes.

  • Experience Security risk consultancy underpinned by expert technical validation from highly skilled consultants.
  • Outcome focus Recommendations prioritized according to greatest uplift in capability and reduction in risk.
  • Relevance Measures tied to the demands of self-assessment frameworks, such as NIST CSF, compliance and contractual standards, such as PCI DSS and ISO 27001, and regulatory requirements such as GDPR.

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F-Secure Consulting (F-Secure Cyber Security (Pty) Ltd) is a level 4 contributor to B-BBEE with a procurement recognition level of 100%. Learn more and download our B-BBEE certificate. Click here to read the press release.

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