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Webinar: Continuous Assurance

Wednesday, June 17 2020

11:00 and 16:00

Online - Live from London

Point-in-time testing provides insight in the moment you conduct the test—but organizations don't stand still, and neither do attackers. A continuous approach to assurance instead helps build resilience against modern, persistent attacks by forming a non-stop cycle of analysis, testing, and remediation.

F-Secure Consulting’s Innovation Director, John Fitzpatrick, will explain how this provides greater and more appropriate visibility, reduces costs, and ensures better-informed and -prioritized security efforts. It also allows you to see beyond the bounds of your organization, to include third parties, and even unknown entities. This is especially important as perimeters become more blurred, with organizations increasingly being compromised as a result of breaches within their supply chain.

Delegates will learn from our own experiences of shifting assurance activities into a continuous model: what this looks like, how it differs from more traditional approaches, and where it has achieved value not possible before.

Delegates will:

  • Understand how a continuous approach can provide greater and more relevant visibility, reduce costs, and ensure better-informed and -prioritized security efforts
  • Learn from our own experiences of shifting assurance activities into a continuous model
  • Grasp the mindset shift needed to move from a familiar way of working to this new model


John Fitzpatrick
Innovation Director

John is the Innovation Director at F-Secure Consulting having joined MWR in 2006 as an intern. John has worked with some of the largest organisations globally across multiple industry sectors and is continually pushing to drive the industry forward with new initiatives. He has contributed research, tooling and security advice to industry and is a frequent speaker at security conferences.

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