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CVE-2021-33595: F-Secure SAFE Browser for iOS Vulnerable to Address Bar Spoofing


F-Secure SAFE Browser is vulnerable to address bar spoofing.



FIX: Upgrade to version 18.4.x or newer from the App Store 

Affected Products

Consumer Products:

  • F-Secure SAFE Browser Version 18.3.x and below


  • iOS

More Information

A address bar spoofing vulnerability was discovered in SAFE Browser for iOS. Showing the legitimate URL in the address bar while loading the content from other domain. This makes the user believe that the content is served by a legit domain. A remote attacker can leverage this to perform address bar spoofing attack.

This issue was reported to F-Secure through the Vulnerability Reward Program. No known exploit or attack has been seen in the wild.

Mitigating factors

Exploiting the vulnerability requires the user to click on a specially crafted malicious URL.


F-Secure Corporation would like to thank Narendra Bhati (@imnarendrabhati) for bringing this issue to our attention.

Advisory changes

Date Changes
2021-08-11 First advisory published. 
2021-08-12 Risk level changed from 'Low' to 'Medium'.

Date Issued: 2021-08-11
Date Updated: 2021-08-12