Together we are the solution

In our industry we talk a lot about change. The threat landscape is always changing, the economic environment is volatile and uncertain, and technology is evolving at a rapid pace.

“The world is changing around us, so we have changed everything,” said F-Secure’s Head of Global Channel Operations Elena Zykova, when introducing F-Secure Elements, our all-in-one cyber security platform at our annual partner event Species.

We have adapted our pricing model, our billing model, our solutions, almost every aspect of how we do business to meet the needs of partners and end customers in the new world. The only thing that hasn’t changed is the need for partnership and cooperation, which is why we put those values at the heart of the new platform.

Cyber security is a 24/7 job and it’s too big and complex for any of us to do alone.

Everyone has a role to play in securing the businesses of the future and F-Secure Elements is designed to help every party fulfill their responsibilities.

So how do we see the overarching responsibilities of each party? The responsibility starts with the end-customer taking their security seriously and investing the appropriate time and resources in acquiring the appropriate defenses. After that, the majority of responsibility is split between vendors like us and their partners.

  • Partners To us, our partners are the true cyber security superheroes – the managed service providers and mid-market IT teams working fearlessly to keep organizations and people safe in the digital world. In many ways the partners have the most responsibility in protecting their customers, they need to decide the right mix of solutions and decide how this will evolve. They have to keep everything updated, make whitelists and blacklists and provide the best possible customer service. Not only that, but they need to continually develop their own competence to be able to provide all this.
  • Vendors That’s where we come in. It’s the vendor’s responsibility to do the heavy lifting of developing the solutions. We have the labs and the people required to do the latest malware analysis to respond to the latest threats and even predict future threats. F-Secure is special in this regard because we also have the consulting business that is out on the frontline doing incident response and then feeds back directly in to our product development.

But we see our responsibility as broader than that. We want to empower our partners every step of the way with not just the technology and services, but also the expertise and support they need. “We are very human, we want to really build the relationship and have skin in the game from both sides,” said F-Secure’s Zykova.

Right now this commitment means working together with our partners to build services. 65% of companies already use some services as part of their security-mix, and in the future we think this will be 100%, as no organization will be capable of handling everything themselves.

F-Secure Elements lets partners build and manage services more efficiently, by putting everything into a single console. But we also provide incidence response training and for the hardest cases our partners have the option to Elevate to F-Secure, to bring in our most experienced experts for support.

Here are three concrete ways that F-Secure Elements has been purpose-built to support partners build managed services:

  • Flexible billing options let partners differentiate their offering and boost their competitive edge by building subscription- and usage-based cyber security services. Most importantly this helps them meet customer demands, but it also provides predictable revenues and increases customer loyalty.
  • All-in-one offering means it is easy for partners to provide end customers with the solutions they need. F-Secure Elements covers everything from vulnerability management and collaboration protection to endpoint protection; and detection and response.
  • Partner services help our partners provide the highest level of support to their customers. Get a smooth start with our support in cyber security competence development, creating service definitions, resource planning, SLA and pricing strategies; and sales and marketing.
F-Secure Elements: Pricing models + Solutions + Services diagram

Our responsibilities will continue to change evolve as companies find the right security mix over the coming years, but one thing we are sure of is that all parties will continue to play a role. Together we are the solution.