F-secure Rapid Detection & Response

Protect your organization from targeted cyber attacks

Stop breaches quickly with automated threat identification

F-Secure's industry-leading endpoint detection and response (EDR) solution gives you contextual visibility into your security. With our automatic advanced threat identification, your IT team or managed service provider can detect and stop targeted attacks quickly and efficiently.


Gain immediate visibility into your IT environment and security status

Protect your business and sensitive data by detecting breaches quickly

Respond fast with expert guidance whenever under attack

How does the F-Secure Rapid Detection & Response solution work?

  1. Lightweight sensors monitor your endpoint users' behavior and stream the events to F-Secure cloud in real-time.

  2. F-Secure's real-time behavioral analytics and Broad Context Detection™ distinguish malicious behavior patterns and identify real attacks.

  3. Visualized broad context and descriptive attack information make confirming a detection easy. F-Secure Partner or your own IT team manages the alerts, and there's an option to elevate tough investigations to F-Secure.

  4. Following a confirmed detection, our solution provides advice and recommendations to guide you through the necessary steps to contain and remediate the threat.

Automated or guided response actions backed by F-Secure experts

Our behavioral analytics and artificial intelligence platform, trained by F-Secure's cyber security experts, detects all known and unknown threats. Our machine learning continuously improves detections by recognizing new emerging tactics, techniques, and procedures with associated process launches, network connections and application types.

Once real threats are detected, our EDR solution can use automation to stop them immediately. It also provides a visualization of the attack with all impacted endpoints, and guidance on how to isolate and remediate the threat. F-Secure's certified EDR service providers, along with our own cyber security experts, are backing you up to ensure your existing resources will be enough to respond swiftly and effectively.


Hear from the people who use F-Secure Rapid Detection & Response

Broad Context Detection™

The broader context of targeted attacks becomes instantly visible on a timeline with all impacted hosts, relevant events and recommended actions. The solution uses real-time behavioral, reputational and big data analysis with machine learning to automatically place detections into a broader context, including risk levels, affected host importance and the prevailing threat landscape.

Elevate to F-Secure

Some detections require deeper threat analysis and guidance by specialized cyber security experts. For these tough cases, the solution has a unique built-in "Elevate to F-Secure" service. It offers professional incident analysis of methods and technologies, network routes, traffic origins, and timelines of a Broad Context DetectionTM to provide expert advice and further response guidance whenever under attack.

Application Visibility

Gaining extensive application visibility into your IT environment and cloud services will reduce exposure to advanced threats and data leakage. The EDR solution allows you to immediately list all active processes running on endpoints across your network to identify unwanted, unknown and harmful applications. You can easily restrict potentially harmful applications and cloud services, even before data breaches happen.

Automated Response

Automated response actions can be used to reduce the impact of targeted cyber attacks by containing them around-the-clock whenever risk levels are high enough. The automation, based on predefined schedules, has been designed specifically to support teams only available during business hours, also taking the criticality of detections into account.

Endpoint sensors

Lightweight, discreet monitoring tools designed for anomaly detection, deployable on all relevant Windows and Mac OS computers within your organization. The sensors collect behavioral event data from endpoints using well-documented mechanisms. The sensors are designed to work with any endpoint protection solution, and function with F-Secure's Endpoint Security Solutions in a single-client and management infrastructure.

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