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WindUpdates is Spyware created by 180solutions. It is distributed to clients as one of a large variety of names, to confuse the user from recognizing it as Spyware. The software has no beneficial purpose for the user. It may also install other software, unknown to the user, according to the EULA. Such behaviour is rated as a high security risk.


Automatic action

Based on the settings of your F-Secure security product, it may block the file from running, move it to the quarantine where it cannot spread or cause harm, or ask you to select an action.

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Technical Details

WindUpdates is Spyware created by 180solutions, though it is not branded as such. It is distributed via ActiveX installations while visiting 3rd party websites, and bundled as an ad-support with 3rd party software. Some rumors also claim it is distributed by exploiting security flaws.

The EULA states that without limitations, 180solutions is allowed to install new features in its current applications, or to install a new application without the user's knowledge or consent. This information is hidden deep in the EULA, so that the average user would not find this clause. Such behavior is rated as a high security risk.

WindUpdates displays advertisements, customized based on the surfing habits of the user. Arbitrary data is also communicated to 180solutions servers.

Looking at the WindUpdates homepage, we see that the software has no purpose besides delivering pop-up advertisements.

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