Adboo.A is a program that collects data from the infected device, which it later sends to a remote server.


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Technical Details

Adboo.A is an application that lets users select a pre-composed message from the provided list, and send it to their contacts. These messages are grouped into four categories: New Yearwishes, friendship, love, and jokes.

Adboo.A presenting a selection of messages for users to choose from, and asking users for the next action.

When a message is selected, the application prompts a dialog box asking for the next action: Contact, Edit, or Cancel. If Contact is selected, it tries to read the stored contact data. Presumably, it needs to know to whom the message should be sent to.

However, once the contact data is obtained, Adboo.A will display the text "Sending fail" and silently collects the following details from the device:

  • Device model
  • Operating system version
  • Phone number
  • IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number

The details are then forwarded to a remote server. Adboo.A's certificate seems to be coming from the same developer of Trojan:Android/Zsone.A

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