Category:  Spyware

Type:  Spyware

Platform:  W32

Aliases:  Spyware


This program negatively affects a user's control of their computer system or their browsing experience, usually without their knowledge or consent.


Automatic action

Once detected, the F-Secure security product will quarantine the file.

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Technical Details

Spyware can vary widely in the kinds of actions they perform. Some common actions include displaying unsolicited pop-ups, hijacking a browser's home or search pages, redirecting browsing results and monitoring user activities.

Spyware is sometimes considered a "gray" area in terms of ethics and legality. Depending on the specific action, context of use and applicable laws, spyware could be considered legal and acceptable; dubious but unlegislated; or outright illegal and unethical.

Examples of spyware include: