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SahAgent is an application made by Shop At Home. The application redirects web surfing though Shop At Home's servers. It also monitors surfing behavior and sends data back to Shop At Home's servers.


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Technical Details

Shop At Home's application, SahAgent, monitors web browsing. When the user enters an online store from a shopping site, the user is redirected through Shop At Home's web servers. The online store will then see it as if Shop At Home directed the traffic when it was the shopping site.

The software agent is promoted as a way to remember the user, so the user can take advantage of discounts made available by Shop At Home.

Shop At Home has a web site with discount offers. Users may browse among them to search for items to buy at a discount price. It will appear, to shopping sites like Wal-Mart and Amazon, that the user was directed from one of Shop At Home's websites. As a result, the retailers pay a fee to Shop At Home for the customers they are providing. But most likely, there is only a very small amount of traffic that is actually generated from Shop At Home's website. The agent, installed silently on a user's system, will hijack traffic, and therefore revenue, from legitimate shopping sites like Yahoo.

SahAgent is supposed to be distributed by registering at one of Shop At Home's web sites. The user can then opt-in to get the recall agent, but there are cases where SahAgent is installed silently, without a user's knowledge, and without reference to any of Shop At Home's websites.

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